Event Live Caricature

Make your party leap off the page

Looking for a fantastic unique way to make your party unforgettable? Live caricatures are a brilliant icebreaker to bring everyone together. Surprise and delight your guests with freebie caricatures they can take away and share. The name of your event, company or school is written on each drawing, so your attendees will remember your party for a long time.

Trade Show Caricaturist
Corporate Caricaturist

Draw a crowd

Watch as a crowd forms to peek at the magic unfolding, providing hours of raucous laughter. Tane’s caricature style has been developed to flatter and delight without unnecessary offensive exaggerations so everyone leaves happy with their drawing.

Only 5 minutes per face

Tane’s caricatures only take five minutes per face to complete so you can be sure the majority of guests who want a caricature will get one. Renowned for his accuracy and speed, each caricature is hand made before your guests’ very eyes.

Corporate Event Cartoons

Draw a crowd

Watch a crowd of onlookers form around you as the caricatures unfold. Tane’s style of drawing is fast, accurate and mesmerising to watch.

Happy people

Tane’s style of caricature is not to offend, but to flatter the likeness using the good bits and leave out the rest. Everyone leaves happy.

5 minutes per face

Tane’s caricatures take only 5 to 6 minutes to produce in front of your eyes, ensuring the majority of guests who want one will get one for themselves.

Fully personalised

The name of your event, company or school is printed in the corner of each caricature as well as the subjects’ names, giving your attendees a keepsake that will have them remembering your event for years to come.

Failsafe icebreaker

Live caricatures by Draw A Crowd create a joyful atmosphere and bring people together to show off their drawings.

Singles and couples

People are drawn in singles or together as couples on the page. At each event you may request a group caricature of three or more people on the same page.

Tane RichardsonAbout Tane

Australian Caricaturist Tane Richardson is the perfect entertainer for parties, events, graduations, bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, retirement parties and more. His unique style of caricature is renowned for its likeness and cartoony way of flattering, not offending. Tane has drawn and entertained at many events including weddings, birthday parties, promotional events, workshops and theme parks all around Australia.

With just a pen and paper, Tane’s lightning fast 5 minute cartoon drawing style is guaranteed to surprise and delight your guests to leave a lasting positive impression. He’ll set your event apart from the rest with a completely unique style of entertainment. As a bonus your guests will have a unique memento and keepsake to take home and treasure forever.